Create Magento App

Setting up Magento 2 framework on local can be stressful and take a long time. Worry not! We got you covered. This deployment technology combines two powerful approaches of containerization and Infrastructure as code to provision you a Magento 2 instance in minutes!

See what is new in version 2 of magento-scripts!

🚀 Get started in seconds

Create Magento App is a tiny package for HUGE framework. To create Magento app in seconds:

Getting Started

Upon creation, type in the start command to run the application deployment:

yarn start # for Yarn
npm start # for NPM
Available commands

🤝 Conflict-less design

The application will automatically select free ports. It will never let services previously installed on your machine down!

Screwed a local installation? Worry not, Create Magento App will set you up!

🐛 Easy debugging

The powerful XDebug tool is a single command-line option flag away from you! Read how to use it:

Enabling XDebug

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