Linux requirements

1. Install Docker

We recommend installing Docker Engine on your Linux system as by our internal testing Docker Desktop for Linux does not work as expected in our setup ATM.

This step is automated by CMA, but you can install it manually by executing the following the commands below:

# Download installation script
curl -fsSL -o

# Run installation script
sudo bash

# Add your user to the “docker” group to run docker without root.
sudo usermod -aG docker $USER

# After that you'll need to logout and login to your account or,
# you can temporarily enable group changes by running command below
newgrp docker

2. Prepare the environment

If you don't have COMPOSER_AUTH environment variable or auth.json file in your project, CMA will run a setup wizard with detailed instructions for you to get access keys for the Magento repository. But you can also set up them manually by following the instructions below.

To work with Magento you need access keys to access the Magento repository.

  1. Generate Access Keypair

Now you have a public key and private key values.

To use them you have 2 options:

  1. Use COMPOSER_AUTH environmental variable

    This option is used as a global variable on your machine.

    Replace <public key> and <private key> with your public and private key.

    export COMPOSER_AUTH='{
            "": {
                "username": "<public key>",
                "password": "<private key>"

    Add the result to your .bashrc or .zshrc and reload your terminal.

  2. Use auth.json file

    This option is used on a per-project basis, so your credentials will be always correct no matter which project you are working on.

    Create auth.json file in the root of your project and inside put the following content using the same <public key> and <private key> you obtained before:

            "": {
                "username": "<public key>",
                "password": "<private key>"

3. Start your application

Start command description can be found here. To access Magento CLI, Composer and PHP use cli command.

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