⚠️ Uninstall a project

Heads up!

This command is not shipped in Create Magento App template by default. To enable it add following line to your projects package.json field scripts :

"cleanup": "magento-scripts cleanup"

yarn cleanup or npm run cleanup

This command allows you to gracefully uninstall Create Magento App project.

Watch out!

You should not use this command! This is command description with how to use but we strongly recommend avoid using it.

It will remove Docker volumes (you will lose all data inside Redis, MySQL and ElasticSearch), run magento setup:uninstall command and remove config files from the cache folder.

Command options

-f, --force

Cleanup will remove Magento files and CMA cache. The folder will remove to initial structure.

Heads up!

PHP will not be removed by running this command. To remove it you should delete the folder ~/.phpbrew/php/php-7.3.11/.

Usage example

Add new line to package.json:

    "scripts": {
        "cleanup": "magento-scripts cleanup"

Now use it as normal:

npm run cleanup # for NPM
yarn cleanup # for Yarn

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