System Configuration File

System Configuration File

Since magento-scripts 1.5.1

This configuration file is located in your home directory and should have a name .cmarc. As it is not created automatically, you will need to do it manually. The default configuration file looks like this:

    "useNonOverlappingPorts": false,
    "analytics": true

This configuration file contains the following configuration options:

Use Non-Overlapping Ports

Recommended to enable this option if you are working with many CMA projects

Use non-overlapping ports is a feature that will tell CMA when choosing available ports on the system to also ignore ports that are already used by other CMA instances, even if they are stopped. That way it will ensure that your projects will not get new ports every time you switch between them.

To enable this feature, set useNonOverlappingPorts field in the system configuration file to true.


Analytics helps us to collect data about errors or possible slow-downs and helps us to identify areas that should be fixed or improved!

Of course, you have an option to opt out of analytic data collection. To do that set analytics field in the system configuration file to false and CMA will not collect analytic data from your system.

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