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Linking a Scandi Theme


Before you start:
  • Install Create Scandi App
  • Make sure you have a Scandi theme to use
  • Make sure you have a Create Magento App set up
Linking your theme:
  • Link your app using run link
  • Compile your app in Magento mode
  • Enable the theme in the admin panel

1. Installing Create ScandiPWA App

Before you link a theme, make sure you have installed Create ScandiPWA App. Use this guide for installing it.

2. Linking a Theme

Your theme must be located inside of your Magento project!
To link a ScandiPWA theme to your Create Magento App project you can use the command link:
npm run link ./path/to/your/scandipwa-app # for NPM
# or with yarn
yarn run link ./path/to/your/scandipwa-app
Create Magento App will link your ScandiPWA theme from your selected path as a symbolic link.

3. Run Create ScandiPWA App Compilation

Run the command below from your ScandiPWA App directory (./path/to/my/scandipwa-app )
BUILD_MODE=magento npm run start # Mac, Linux
set BUILD_MODE=magento && npm run start & set BUILD_MODE= # Windows
This command will now watch the files and put their compiled versions into the magento/Magento_Theme folder.
Instead of starting your Create ScandiPWA App project, you can also use npm run build. Learn more here.

4. Enable Theme

After you linked theme to your Create Magento App instance you need to activate it.
Go to your Magento Admin panel (by default it can be accessed on /admin url), Content > Configuration, choose a website that you want to apply theme on, click Edit and select your theme, click Save and that is it.
Open your store URL and theme should be online.